I was what is known as an unmarried or unwed father…

meaning that I was not married to my son’s mom.  In a situation where the parents were not married, the mother has all the rights and the father has none until he establishes them through the courts.

My ex held all the cards and she was inhibiting me from having a relationship with my son.  She place all sorts of rules and restrictions on when and if I could see my son, but, she sure had no problem taking the voluntary child support I was giving her.

Finally after nine months of…

… her keeping my son from me and my family, plus the fact that she had given me reason to believe that she was moving out of state I filed an “Emergency Motion For Temporary Custody”.  And although I lost that first hearing, I didn’t give up.  I continued fighting and after a two year court battle, I won custody of my son.

I have been in the trenches and have personal experience going up against a vengeful ex and the biased family court system.  However, through it all I learned an effective, think outside the box strategy for men on how to win custody.

During that two years I studied the child custody laws, I researched custody and divorce cases, learned the importance of using an attorney, learned how to not show negative emotion in court, how to win over the child custody evaluator and how to trap my ex in her bad behavior and use it  against her later in court.

This was in the mid 2000’s and since that time I have shared my custody strategy and approach with other fathers, both married and unmarried on how to win custody and if that wasn’t attainable then 50/50.

If you are a father going through…

… a similar situation just know that its not your fault. The family court system has been geared towards favoring women and crushing fathers.

I have coached many fathers one-on-one on how to win custody and over the past few years I have been slowly packaging my custody winning strategies into an online digital course so that I can reach more fathers more quickly.

Check back soon as I will be posting the link to my digital video course on how to win custody shortly.


It’s finally finished! See how I won custody here.